aviation consultancy

Investing in Aviation is not as easy as it seems even it is a high-risk investment. It requires high amount of financial resources, highly experienced professionals, good team players and teamwork. Each step shall be taken into consideration very carefully. But as EFE AIR we are here to make it easy for our customers. Our aviation professionals take the project as if it is our own project and pay too much attention to every details. Whether you are willing to start-up an AOC, expand your fleet or execute an aviation project we are here to serve you.

Aircraft & Helicopter Purchasing or Sales Assistance

sales_assistanceWhether you are willing to expand your fleet or sell your existing aviation asset you can get benefit from our aircraft & helicopter purchasing or sales assistance service. Working with professionals like EFE AIR sales team for those transactions will let you to get the most beneficial contract, minimize your risk and save your money.

First of all we clearly understand your needs and offer you an optimized solution. For your purchasing requests we can either offer you one of our listings or search the market and locate best the option for you. In case you already find your dream aircraft or helicopter, we can further assist you through the transaction process by performing a detailed pre-purchase inspection and valuing, negotiation on the contract terms, arranging your ferry flight and complying with all requirements of registration process in Turkey.  For your selling requests we can assist you by listing your valuable asset in our high ranked website and promoting it in our worldwide network to speed-up the sales process and close the deal as fast as possible in the most beneficial way.

Aircraft & Helicopter Inspection & Valuing

inspectionWhether you are an aviation enthusiast or a company holding an AOC willing to expand its fleet, do not buy an aircraft or helicopter without performing detailed inspection by a professional. Our Aircraft & Helicopter Inspection & Valuing service is composed of detailed physical inspection of the aircraft or helicopter together with the back to birth documentation review by our professional engineers. By using this service, you can have a detailed idea about the current status of the expensive asset and its correct estimated value. Also you can predict future possible maintenance costs and add them to your operating cost calculation by performing pre-purchase (pre-buy) inspection. By this way, you can make a correct investment by paying the correct value, reducing, preventing and predicting future maintenance costs.

Furthermore, AS EFE AIR we can also perform lease-term inspections on the behalf of financial leasing companies or lessors to make sure that the aircraft is properly operated and maintained.

Aircraft & Helicopter Delivery & Redelivery


delivery_redeliveryEFE AIR provides Aircraft & Helicopter Delivery & Redelivery service to all major airlines or airtaxi operators as well as leasing companies. Whether you are going to deliver a commercial airliner, business jet, single engine aircraft or helicopter we are here to serve you. With our experience on more than 20 aircraft & helicopter delivery & redelivery process including Boeing 737, Boeing 757, CRJ200, Bell 430, Eurocopter AS350B3 we can work almost on all types of aircrafts. We carefully read and identify the delivery & redelivery conditions according to the lease contract and complete the whole process as quick as possible.


Aviation Project Management

Aviation Project ManagementEFE AIR’s experienced project management staff completed more than 20 different aviation projects and can provide optimized, cost effective and fast solutions. Our Aviation Project Management Capabilities;

  • Airline Establishment
  • Airtaxi Establishment
  • General Aviation Company Establishment
  • Approved Training Organization Establishment
  • Aerial Work Operation Management
  • Off-Shore Operation Management
  • Special Mission Operation Management
  • Aviation Related Tender Documentation Review & Cost Calculation & System Set-up
  • CAMO System Establishment and Review
  • Part-145/SHY-145 System Establishment and Review
  • EASA Air-OPS/SHT-OPS System Establishment and Review
  • Aircraft & Helicopter Maintenance Supervision
  • Air Cargo Solutions
  • Aircraft & Helicopter Pilot Training
  • Aircraft & Helicopter Simulator System Establishment